The company

Linda Fruta is a company that works with the commercial representation of imported fruits, thus being the “extension” of our producers in Brazil.

We identify the best commercial opportunities and sales channels and through that we seek to innovate following the trends of Agribusiness, carrying out marketing actions and promotions with the purpose of bringing the best products to the table of the final consumer.

It was founded by Mr. Emídio Martins in 1991, importing pears and nuts from Portugal to Brazil.

Today we form a team of direct and prepared employees, adding values and meeting the demands of our clients and represented.


A Linda Fruta

Our services

What does Linda Fruta do?

We are the extension of our producers in Brazil and we work with a total focus on guaranteeing EXCELLENCE, QUALITY and EFFICIENCY in all processes.

Estratégia Comercial

Análise de Mercado

Controle de qualidade

Suporte pós vendas

Programação de carga

Monitoramento de embarque

Auxílio Aduaneiro

Acompanhamento de pagamentos


Ações promocionais e marketing

Análise de tendências

Campanhas redes sociais


Shelf-Life Laboratory

Seeking to bring the best fruits from the field to the table, we created a laboratory with the purpose of studying the shelf life of each product, thus verifying whether the product we sell will arrive in perfect conditions for the Brazilian families.

Through this study, which is carried out weekly, we check in detail the role process of maturation and the sensory characteristics, in order to guarantee the high quality of our prodcuts.

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Shelf-Life Laboratory

Tasting and Promotional Actions

The taste is like a fingerprint, there is no one in the world with a taste like yours. For this reason, we consider the actions of tasting the products of our represented extremely important in order to present and inform about the nutritional benefits, origin quality and curiosities about different products in natura..

To guarantee the veracity of the information passed on to the final consumer, we have a team properly trained by a qualified Nutritionist and we carry out promotional actions throughout Brazil.

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Tasting and Promotional Actions

Do you know the Healthy Vegetables Group?

The Healthy Vegetables Group brings together responsible and conscious companies in the production of fruits and vegetables that use production processes based on the requirements of good agricultural practices, delivering safe, quality food with guaranteed origin to the market.

The companies LusoPêra and Tany, represented by Linda Fruta are part of this group. The initiative appeared at the end of 2015, through a movement between Partner companies, complementary in their products, with the objective of meeting the demand of a consumer attentive to the nutritional information and concerned with people and with the environmental issues.



Linda Fruta Awards

The association of Pêra Rocha producers from Portugal ANP, honored our patron Mr. Emídio de Jesus Martins with an award delivered by the President of Portugal Mr. Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa on November 10, 2016 at the XIX Pêra Rocha Ceremony, recognizing his contribution to the development of Pêra Rocha in the Brazilian market.


Copefrut honored Linda Fruta with the Esporas de Prata award recognizing our performance in the Brazilian market in 2009. In the image Antônio Carlos de Jesus Martins receives the award at the hands of José Luis Soler, President of Copefrut.